Download Printable 2012 Monthly Calendar


Ovulation Calendar Calculator

Ovulation Calendar Calculator calculates your personal ovulation calendar to help you achieve pregnancy or to avoid it. The program charts your ovulation cycle on a monthly calendar and an easy to follow graph. You can then use this information predict


Excel Calendar Template  v.1.4.2

This free Excel calendar template allows you to quickly and easily create and print a monthly calendar by simply choosing a year and month. You can also choose a color scheme for your calendar using simple form controls. Use the ready-made 2009,

Live Calendar  v.

This app can create a monthly calendar live-tile on the start screen. Usage is very simple, you can create a live-tile with one tap. The contents of the live-tile calendar will automatically update by the background task. The background color of the

SNV Calendar Lite  v.1.0.1

SNV Calendar Lite is a highly customizable desktop monthly calendar that allows you to verify the accuracy of your dates.

Calendar 2000  v.4 6

Calendar 2000 is a small utility that will display a monthly calendar on the Windows desktop. The calendar is similar to the one found in most checkbooks.

Excel Calendar Template Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution for users who need to generate monthly calendar templates. Easily format your template style by adding or removing fixed date holidays (such as Christmas) as well as floating date holidays (such as Labor Day).

The Jewish Calendar  v.1 2

A monthly calendar for the home optimized to print for display on your refrigerator. The calendar can display standard and Jewish calendar dates, major Jewish holidays, and US holidays. You can customize the calendar with birthdays, anniversaries,

Live Calendar +  v.

The enhanced version of Live Calendar. Brushed up the looks, and fully customizable live tiles. Also you can edit the events of Windows Live. The usage is very simple this time too. You can create the live tiles of monthly calendar and events with

Excel Calendar Template Designer Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to generate monthly calendar templates.

NightCal  v.

NightCal is a simple, practical tool for basic observation session planning. It is designed to produce a monthly calendar telling you when it gets dark, when the Moon rises and sets and what the Moon should look like when it does make an appearance.

FD InfoClock Screensaver  v.1. 6. 2016

FD InfoClock Screensaver - it is original analog clock, date, a monthly calendar, digital clock, and also current time in various time zones all around the world. It is screensaver which shows the full information about time and date.

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